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Parish Hall renting

First floor : 150 persons.
Basement : 125 persons.
Key: $60 deposit that we give when the key is handed back to us.
The person signing the contract is responsible for any damage.

No cost:

Liturgical and pastoral organizations:

Readers, Mass Servers, Christian Ladies, Catholic Women's League,
Group-meetings, education of the faith.

1 room $45, 2 rooms $90, if meal +$50 (janitor)

Parish organizations:

Girls of Isabella, golden age

1 room $50, if meal +$50 (janitor), for-profit activity: $125

Community organizations:

Social club, leisure club, sports club, health club,
Bingo, Cultural club, various associations or committees, meetings, optimistic club, communic-action

$150 (up or down) 2 rooms $300 each additional day $100

Governmental organizations

Public, para-public, unions, associations,
Electoral activities, school boards.
Private or public meetings, blood drives.

½ day $200, 1 day $275 + cleaning by the janitor after the activity: + $50

Business Enterprises

Sales, farm days, workshops, conferences,
Exhibitions, credit union, banks, Farmer's Market: $200
Huntingdon Fair, Casino Night: $250

Special Events:

Funeral: $75
Funeral services outside: $150
Wedding receptions: $250
Baptisms, shower, parties: 1 room $100 + janitor $50
Civil Holidays: 2 rooms $300
Dance party: 1 room $250
Family party: 1 room $160
Holiday season: (with cleaning)
N.b. Tables, chairs washed, if necessary, refrigerator and counters: delivered clean
Toilets and sinks: delivered clean; floor cleaned and swept

Parish hall renting :

(450) 264-5403

Parish Hall, as seen today
Parish Hall