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Parish Bulletin 2019-06-30

Week from June 30 to July 7, 2019

Sunday, 30 | Ferial | Green

9:30 a.m.
For the parishioners / your Pastor
Margaret Van Winden / relatives and friends at the funeral
Eileen Gordon Feeny / relatives and friends at the funeral
Ludivine & Keith Curran / the Estate
Monique Dumouchel Racine / parents & amis aux funérailles

11:00 a.m.
Laurier Plante / sa sœur Louise
Jean-Guy Brisson / parents & amis aux funérailles
Huguette Daignault Taillefer / parents & amis aux funérailles
Micheline Mainville Latreille / parents & amis aux funérailles

Tuesday, 2 | Ferial | Green

8:30 a.m.
Normand Nadeau / Huguette, Monique et Michel
André Villeneuve (2e ann.) / Lise et les enfants

Thursday, 4 | Ferial | Green

8:30 a.m.
Lucia Moïse Dorais / parents & amis aux funérailles
Michel Mainville / parents & amis aux funérailles

Saturday, 6 | Ferial | Green

7:30 p.m.
Réjeanne Girouard / Gaétan et Denise Mailloux
Clarisse Génier Taillefer / parents & amis aux funérailles

Sunday, 7 | 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time | Green

9:30 a.m.
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wilson / Mr. & Mrs. William Martin
Yvonne Saumier / Jeanne & Thérèse Caza
Aline Duhême Smith / parents & amis aux funérailles

11:00 a.m.
Pour les paroissiens / votre pasteur
Thérèse Daoust Lacoste / Madeleine Beaulne
Richard & Joël Carrière / Andrée
Victor Haineault / ses filles Monique & Jacqueline
Maire-Reine Allen Dupuis / Conrad Quenneville



July 6, 7:30 p.m.: Michel Paquet
July 7, 9:30 a.m.: Patricia Martin
July 7, 11:00 a.m.: Nicole Haineault


July 6, 7:30 p.m : Hélène Racine, Jean-Louis Plante
July 7, 9:30 a.m.: Judith Lussier, Germaine Burns, Marie Patch
July 7, 11:00 a.m.: Germaine Burns, Serge Taillefer


July 7, 9:30 a.m.: Dorothy Coffey & Dolores Lemieux




Collections Donations Candles
16-06-2019 1120,15$ 3,70$ 233,20$

Picture of a baby baptism

Have become members of the church through baptism :

Rosalie St-Amand, daughter of Maxime St-Amand and Emilie Corriveau, born February 12, 2019 and baptized on June 16.
Callie Jay and Lennox Octavia, daughters of Steven Rocheleau and of Tara Lyne Vaillancourt, born June 15th 2018 and baptised June 16th 2019.

Picture of candles for funerals
Candles for funerals

Has entered the kingdom of God:

Wilfrid (Willie) Galipeau, husband of Elizabeth Paul, passed away June 6th at the age of 68 years and buried June 13th 2019.
Yvonne Castagnier, widow of Héliodore Saumier, who died on June 9, 2019 at the age of 99 and was buried on June 15, 2019.

Take the road with courage

On this Sunday, which marks the resumption of the so-called ordinary liturgical time, after the Easter season followed by its feasts, we resume the reading followed by the Gospel according to St. Luke. This new liturgical environment where our Sunday celebrations will take place coincides with the beginning of summer, this new environment where we hope to take the time to live smoothly.
But here the gospel passage of this Sunday (Lk 9,51-62) has the effect of a big cloud eclipsing the hot and bright rays of the sun. First, Jesus takes the road to Jerusalem with courage, his teeth clenched, because the outcome will be fatal. On the way, he is forbidden access to a village of Samaritans who are in religious break with the Jews. Then a series of interactions with Jesus places us before the seriousness of the Christian life.
Two men want to follow Jesus and a third is called by Jesus himself. Two want to first settle their obligations: one to bury his father, the other to say goodbye to the people of his house. A third is served with a serious warning: an austere and sober life awaits him. Thanks! "Do not become a disciple of Jesus who wants" could we say. This scene makes me think of the parable of the sower where the nature of the soil (path, stones, brambles, good soil) influences the fertility of the seed. We find in the figure the human reactions (refusal, indifference, welcome) in relation to the Word that Christ sows in our hearts and our minds more or less congested.
Reading this gospel passage, one is inclined to wonder: would Jesus want to discourage a human being from becoming a disciple that he could not do better? On the other hand, his answers to the cookie-cut whip the will, force to stand up and raise the head to accept a project of life which will imply a surpassing of oneself. To live as a disciple of Jesus is an important decision and the work of a lifetime.
As Tertullian, a theologian of the first centuries, said, "one is not born a Christian, one becomes born by baptism". But let us add: once baptized a Christian, one must learn to become a disciple of Christ. It takes some conversion effort to adjust to the "Jesus way" of living, knowing that it will take us on paths other than the beaten paths that offer no challenge. The ways of Jesus are full of discoveries about oneself, about others, about God; and also, full of self-transcendence beyond our expectations.
Yves Guillemette, ptre