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Our St-Joseph cemetery
St-Joseph cemetery

Operation "Colombo"

Dear Parishioners

In the context of a vast update of the data concerning our burials in each of our cemeteries we are now appealing to you.

You'll notice that in each of the benches you will find forms in English and French in order to facilitate the gathering of the needed information.

We have been working hard since last year with several volunteers to retrieve all the names, dates, burials of ashes or bodies and other information about their families that will ensure the future and sustainability of our cemeteries.

We have very few contracts in our archives and we ask each family to contribute to the success of our operation.

Several monuments are called 'orphan lots', meaning no one responsible or have problems, like deterioration. Over the next few months, we will be doing intensive research to gather information about each family.

If you have contracts at home or if you know of family members living outside the region with contracts, please join our research team.

We still have a lot to do to improve the quality of our cemeteries, but together we are confident that we will get there.

We thank you in advance for your attention and interest in our work.

We need families willing to preserve the memory of our ancestors. Please participate by completing the information:
Colombo English

Thank you,
From the wardens of St-Joseph parish.
(450) 264-5403

A bending monument in the cemetery
Bending monument

Some of them bend a little or others dangerously.
Arthur (Thérèse) Saumier
Héliodore Lefebvre
Peter Sturkenboom
André Myre
Armand De Serres
Adélard Senécal
Léonie Savage (Lorraine Laplante)
Frederick Patterson
Léo Saumier
Euclide Laberge
John Murphy (Hilda K)
Hector St-Onge
Lionel Beauchamp (Gisèle)
André Riel (Jeannette Pilon)
Achille Picard
Daniel Bertrand
Chester Pease (Mme D.A. Vallée)
James Flynn
John McGondle (James)
John Walsh (Frederick)
Mrs Michael Tobin
Albert Dorais
Agnès Lepage (Alexander)
Léo Chartrand
Margaret Rice
Pierre Galipeau (Armand-Sylvain)
Jos Cappiello
Blanche Verner
F.X. Dorais (Xavier Roy)
Richard Fynn
John McGee
William Hassan
John Boucher (Victor)
Marcel Boucher
Maggie Foran
John Dineen
James Kelly
George Murphy (Nora Murphy)
Anthony Cappiello (Léo, Rolland)
John C. Fee (Florence)
Lawrence & Mary Murphy
Earl Vincent Elliott
Georges Marcel Langlois